Elevated Food Bowl Set for Growing Puppies Adjustable

Elevated Food Bowl Set for Growing Puppies Adjustable

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Apr 15, 2020 - Dog Elevated Food Bowl Set Adjustable Height Double Pet Feeder


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Why Choose Dinosam Elevated Dog Bowls Stand? 1. There are 6 adjustable heights and 2 angles to choose from(15 tilted and flat), it is suitable for cats and dogs at different stages from childhood to adulthood. 2. The 15-degree tilt design can effectively promote digestion, reduce abdominal distension, neck and joint pressure during feeding. 3. Super easy to assemble without any tools and screws. And scientific and reasonable design and high-quality materials make it stable and durable.


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6 Adjustable Heights: these raised pet bowls have 6 adjustable heights, which are 2.16, 2.55, 3.74, 5.31'', 4.92 and 6.49, growing with your


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