Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid for Mason Jars Regular Mouth

Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid for Mason Jars Regular Mouth

Price: $ 11.50


Perfect for anyone who loves coffee and / or Mason jars! The cup, lid, and handle are made of stainless steel. The grinder is ceramic.

Ball Smooth-Sided Jar - Quart (32oz.) - Regular Mouth -Single Jar

Coffee, Pepper, and Spice Grinder Lid for Jars

Stock up on Quality Canning Jar Lids Engineered to be the highest quality lids available, these regular-mouth canning lids have a specially formulated adhesive that is thicker and wider to seal on virtually all jars (always follow USDA recommendations when canning). Locally made near us in Ohio! BluSeal Integrity-More sealing power and designed to prevent buckling. Safe for high pressure canning. FDA compliant, BPA free. QuinTek Protection-Five layers of corrosion protection.

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Manual Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid for Mason Jars

The original Steampunk Coffee Grinder, the Camano Coffee Mill is handmade in the USA. The Camano Coffee Mill offers multiple grind settings, from a

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2-in-1 lid to Connect 2 Mason Jars

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Manual Coffee Grinder - Manual Spice Grinder - Constructed of Stainless Steel with a Ceramic Burr Grinder – Blue Sage Family Farm