The artwork of Euripedes “Rip” Kastaris

The Olympic artwork of Rip Kastaris www.kyklos.org
Artwork of Euripides Kastaris to be mounted and displayed at “Spyros Louis”, the Athens Olympic Stadium, at the August 2004 Olympic Games.”

by Victor Rendón

Bill Kiely [Modern Drummer]: ?Victor Rendon has done the improbable: He has made it possible for a wide range of drummer/percussionists to approach the art of timbales without fear of failure. Rendon breaks down the daunting clave structure so that we all can relate, and demonstrates how the instruments of the Afro-Cuban percussion section (timbales, congas, bongos, and sometimes drumset) function as a unit. ….Victor Rendon has worked with giants like Mongo Santamaria and Patato Valdes, and has taught music for years within the New York community, and now he’s authored the most authoritative book on the “original” Latin drumkit. Viva timbales!?

Gordon Gottlieb: ?Victor Rendon’s book, THE ART OF PLAYING TIMBALES (VOLUME 1) is as close to having a virtual teacher by your side as one could get.?

Victor Mendoza: ?Victor has done a marvelous job laying it down at a basic level and within a very musical and realistic context.?

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