“A unique new and exciting sound in Latin jazz. The musical level is what I would expect from Tito Puente, Oscar D’ Leon or Willie Rosario. One of the best new recordings that I’ve heard so far this year that combines traditional Latin music, Latin jazz, Brazilian music and Funk. An outstanding effort.” Max Salazar, Senior Editor, Latin Beat Magazine

“This recording is definitely Grammy Award material.”
Chico Alvarez, WBAI in New York City on air Host and recording artist

?Consistency is what makes a band out of a group of very talented musicians, as evidenced here not only by the tight ensembles, but the sensitive and subtle interplay behind the soloists. …I heartily recommend this recording, not only for the brilliant and diverse soloists, but the well thought-out over-all pacing of the varied rhythms and ensemble work, as well as the inventive arrangements of interesting and original compositions.? Bill Spilka, The International Trombone Association Journal , Audio/ Video Reviews

?From the very first bar of his solo, Kastaris, as he does throughout this recording, exhibits a full, clear tone in all registers, a clean attack, and an ease improvising within the Afro-Cuban idiom…. Kastaris’ Latin-Jazz Coalition is not simply a framework for solo blowing – although there is plenty of that on this disc. Rather, this is a well practiced, cohesive ensemble, a musical collective that is greater than the sum of its formidable parts…. Demetrios Kastaris and the Latin-Jazz Coalition embody the fusion of jazz and Latin musics at its most creative and exhilarating.? Bob Bernotas, The Online Trombone Journal (www.trombone.org ) For the complete review by Bob Bernotas go to http://www.trombone.org/articles/library/viewarticles.asp?ArtID=218%0D

Nueva York es la ciudad del mundo donde todo se puede ver y hay sorpresas gratas como la que presentamos en Zona Rosa. Se trata de un hombre de origen griego llamado Demetrios Kastaris quien ejecuta de forma magistral el trombón y quien con una banda de exelentes músicos acaba de salir al mercado con un disco titulado Trombón con Sazón”.
English Translation: “New York is the city in the world where you can see everything and there are nice surprises like the one that we are presenting to you in “Zona Rosa” (Rose Zone, Entertainment Guide). We are referring to a man of Greek origin named Demetrios Kastaris who executes the trombone in a masterful manner, and with a band of excellent musicians just came out on the market with a CD entitled “Trombón con Sazón”.
Ricardo León Peña-Villa, El Diario , New York City

“Friday night’s concert had a standing room only audience for the Latin-Jazz Coalition from New York City. Their cross rhythms and spirit created a standing, whaling reception at the end of a stellar performance.” Eastern Trombone Workshop Chairman SGM Scott Shelsta, Washington D.C., 2001 ETW Review, International Trombone Association Journal

?Folks are still buzzing about the all-star concert ?Homenaje a Mongo Santamaría? (Homage to Mongo Santamaría) at the Seuffert Bandshell in Woodhaven Queens’ Forest Park, on June 16th. Led by Demetrios Kastaris (trombonist/leader of the Latin-Jazz Coalition) the tribute featured special guest performers Dave Valentin, Herman Olivera, Alfredo de la Fé, Edy Martinez, And Andrea Brachfeld along with the Latin-Jazz Coalition’s renowned members…? Vicki Solá, Latin Beat Magazine, Sept. 2003

“Demetrios Kastaris is one of the most talented trombonists at work today in New York City. His high energy and uniquely creative expressionism within a highly disciplined framework adds textures and colors seldom heard on the current Latin scene, and ranks him firmly among the giants.” Jo-Ann Jones, Founder and Executive Director of The Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts , and Jazz Live at Flushing Town Hall

?Great music, super talented musicians and some creative arrangements are what you get from Trombón con Sazón . This one will definitely become one of your favorites. Enjoy!? Pazcual Villaronga, Latin Percussionist Newsletter

“Playing to a house of enthusiastic big band dance fans in the beautifully redesigned Flushing Town Hall performance space doesn’t hurt, but the shear depth of musicianship that Kastaris had on stage with him was what really made the evening’s performance well received.” Norm Harris, Q Guide

Demetrios was referred to in New York Newsday by staff writer Sheila McKenna in her Queens profile as “a leading figure in Afro-Cuban jazz.”

“Here’s an unexpected gem of a release to come out of New York. Led by trombonist Demetrios Kastaris. …The orchestra maintains a beautifully rich sound that never feels overly complicated or over-produced.” Descarga.com

“The music in this recording has a beautiful spirit about it.”
Dave Valentin Grammy Award Winning Flautist

“Four p.m. found Demetrios Kastaris on the big stage with his tremendously exciting Latin-Jazz Coalition – which is exactly what it purports to be – an authentic Latin rhythm section that serves up Salsa, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian Beats that meld perfectly with a hard -driving basically bop and funk oriented front line of two trumpets and trombones. …(See my recent review of Demetrios’ TROMBON CON SAZON album for more information about this excellent group.)” Bill Spilka, The International Trombone Association Journal , 2001 New York City Brass Conference Review

“One of the unexpected delights in this survey was encountering Demetrios Kastaris’s TROMBON CON SAZON (Trombone with Spice)….The arrangements are of consistently high quality, the recording well mastered, and Kastaris’s playing eminently worthy of being showcaesed. The thorough notes and bilingual lyrics provide an added bonus.” Professor Gerald Sloan, “Los Huesos, A Closer Look at Latin Trombonists” , Internation Trombone Associaltion Journal, January, 2003 page 46

” Trombón con Sazón is a great title for a recording. It’s been available for some time, but nobody ever used it. And it is a good thing that Demetrios Kastaris thought of it, because his music really gives it a meaning. This album should please lovers of Latin Jazz and Salsa alike. Although the trombone, played by Kastaris, is the king here, the band has a powerful brass section that includes Ray Vega and Steve Gluzband (trumpets), Pete McGuiness (trombone), and Connie Grossman (flute). Some of the special guests in some cuts are Dave Valentin (flute), Claudio Roditi (trumpet), Mitch Frohman (tenor sax, flute), Kimson Plaut and Edy Martínez (piano), and others. This combination is capable of generating explosive results… Believe or not, this band was created in 1986. It is not until now that we have the pleasure to enjoy it. Demetrios Kastaris had to wait a long time, and, like an old vintage wine, his music has that special flavor. I’m sure that we’ll be hearing from this band again.” Eric Gonzalez, Oasis Salsero

Trombón con Sazón was placed in various top spots the New York City, Miami, and San Francisco Top 20 Hit Parade Poll in Latin Beat Magazine for 16 straight months beginning in August of the year 2000. The recording was placed in the number one spot in February of 2001 in New York City by Vicki Sola of WFDU 89.1 FM!